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Swayd Lab

Do you search for dream dance shoes, but you can’t find them anywhere? Do you have an idea for innovative dance shoes? Or do you want to improve existing ones? Swayd Lab is a space for creative activities!

Our Swayd Lab project is about you the dancer designing your own dance shoes. We’re open to your ideas for dance shoes for Brazilian Zouk, WCS, Country, Bachata, etc. Tell us about your perfect dance shoes idea and if other people support you, we’ll make and release them, and probably give it your name. 

Create with us
your own dance shoes!

How it works

1. Share with us your ideas

Send us your shoe ideas by text message or pictures of your design or inspiration. What is better for you.

2. Keep fingers crossed for successful design reception

Our team will analyze your idea in terms of visual appeal and technical possibilities. When this stage is successful, we will consult your idea with other professional dancers and the community. If the general reception is positive, your shoe idea will go into production!

Get Inspired!

Check the dance styles we work with, the forms we are looking for. Do you have an idea for something else? Go ahead – Send a message!

Brazilian Zouk

Trendy sneakers inspired by street style? Or maybe sexy
and feminine high heels?

Country dance

It’ll probably be boots! With a low or high shoe upper? Simple
or with ornaments? Or maybe with jewelry?

West Coast Swing

Soft boots with a high shoe upper? Light sandals with unique shape?
Or maybe sneakers?

Find more inspirations in our Lookbook or Pinterest

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