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Earn passive income with Swayd!

We want to reward you for referring others to shop on our site. Join Swayd Affiliate Program and earn commission on purchases made from us. You may post your personal referral link or coupon code on your website and social media to get more customers consequently to earn more money!

Easy to join

30 day Cookie life

Ongoing support

Benefits for customers

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What do I need to become an affiliate?

The first step to earning commission is to send us a message saying you want to be our affiliate. Please include your full name, email, country, as well as any other details you consider relevant. We’ll set up an Affiliate account for you and send you an email with our partnership description and useful information.

After registering for the Swayd Affiliate Program, you will get a unique link referring users to our products, or a coupon code. Share it on your website and with social media contacts. For every product purchased from your link, you will earn commission from Swayd.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Swayd Affiliate Program?

It is an arrangement between Swayd company and the Affiliate, in which the Affiliate receives commission each time a customer makes a purchase using Affiliate’s unique referral link or coupon code. 

The terms and conditions are defined here.

How does it work?

Once you are enrolled in the Swayd Affiliate Program, you receive a unique referral link or a coupon code, which you can share with your friends and subscribers. 

You will have access to Affiliate dashboard, where you will be able to track your performance data.  

How much will I earn?

You may pick one of the affiliate models we offer, and receive from 10% to 20% commission for each pair of shoes sold, except a few models.

How does the affiliate link work?

When someone clicks on your affiliate link, it places a cookie on the browser and will track any sale made within 30 next days. After each sale, you’ll receive your commission.

Your customers don’t receive any bonuses, neither can they apply a newcomer or any other discount code.

How does the affiliate coupon work?

How does the affiliate coupon work?

When someone applies your affiliate coupon code in their cart, it tracks the current sale and counts your commission.

The affiliate coupon code provides your customers with a discount. The affiliate coupon code may only be applied to the first purchase made on the website.

How can I get assistance if I need it?

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How are my sales tracked?

Sales are tracked when a customer clicks through your affiliate link and completes a purchase. 
When a link is clicked, it places a cookie on the browser and will track any sale that takes place within in a certain period. If the customer successfully signs up with your affiliate link, your account will be credited with the referral commission. 

The cookie lifetime is 30 days. 

Another option is when a customer doesn’t use any special links to get on our website but uses your coupon code and completes a purchase.

Who can become Swayd affiliate?

The only condition is that an Affiliate must be an adult. Otherwise, Swayd Affiliate Program is open for anyone! 

Who should I contact if I have questions?

The only condition is that an Affiliate must be an adult. Otherwise, Swayd Affiliate Program is open for anyone! 

How can I join?

Contact us via Swayd Contact Us form, or drop us an email at

For existing Affiliates:

When will I get paid?

Affiliates get paid monthly.  
Keep in mind that there is a 60 days delay between a customer’s purchase and a payment. 
Your accrued balance has to be more than €50. 

Why was my commission voided?

The most common reason for voided commission is customer order cancellation. 

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us at

Why was my affiliate account deleted?

If your affiliate account stays inactive for over a year, it will be deleted from our system. If you would like to resume your affiliate activity, there’s no problem – just contact us via Swayd Contact Us form, or drop us an email at support@swaydco.

How can I see customer sales?

Visit your dashboard on Swayd website (normally you receive the link to it in your set up email). You will be able to see all your performance data. 

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