Giveaway&Like: win Swayd shoes for free!

BIG NEW YEAR GIFT for all DANCERS?GET YOUR PERFECT SWAYD BOOTS FOR FREE! Get a chance to win a free pair! Choose and complete one of three actions:⠀? following our Facebook page liking our Facebook page and the Facebook post with the conditions of this giveaway? following our Instagram page AND mentioning Swayd […]

Three… two… one… WINNING TIME!

Three… two… one… WINNING TIME!Swayd announces a LOTTERY in which ANYONE CAN WIN! Dear fellow dancers,There is something special for you!We grant our customers THREE pairs of amazing Swayd shoes for FREE!All our customers whose orders are made from tomorrow 14th September to 14th October get unique numbers of participants. On 15th October we’re going […]

Swayd Summer Photo Contest: Conditions are Simplified!

Our beloved dancers! As there are sweet people who don’t have Swayd shoes YET but would like to get them so much… We decided to simplify the conditions of our photo contest!  It’s allowed to not have Swayd shoes on your picture. Just be sure you keep it summer and dancey!  Send us your pictures […]